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Painting Parties

Our FAQ section is designed to answer all your questions, covering everything from what to expect, how to prepare, and tips for hosting your own painting party.


Whether it's your first time picking up a brush or you're looking to refine your skills while enjoying the company of others, our guide is here to ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

What types of Events do we do?

  • Private Parties

  • Church Groups

  • Corporate Events

  • Fundraisers

  • Team Building Events

  • Community Activities

  • Office Parties

  • Bridal Showers

Do I need to have any painting experience? 

  • All skill levels are welcome, whether you are a beginner and have never held a paintbrush in your hand or if you are a seasoned artist.

  • This is not a class, and you will not be graded 😊.

  • You have the freedom to be creative.  Although, if you want to end up with a similar design as the teacher, following along is encouraged.

  • Art is therapy and this should be your chance to de-stress, unwind, and let your creativity go nuts (especially if it’s a brief time away from the kids).

What is included in the price?

All art supplies for the painting party which includes:

  • Canvases (Size: 12" x 16")

  • Paints

  • Brushes

  • Easels

  • Palettes

  • Water cups

  • Paper Towel

  • Table Covering

  • Aprons

  • Name Tags 

  • We will provide the 3-hour instruction for your guests as well as the necessary time to setup the party beforehand and break down the party afterward (usually about 1 hour before the party and an ½ - 1 hour afterward).

  • You and your guests get to choose beforehand what design you’d like to paint.  These can be seen, and a deposit paid on the website when booking the party.

Can I choose a different size canvas for our group?

  • The canvas size 12" x 16" has been chosen to enable the best opportunity for your guests to complete their painting within the 3 hour timeframe.

  • Yes, you may negotiate a different size canvas prior to booking your painting party - contact Violet

Is there a Minimum or Maximum number?

  • For all events such as private events, corporate events, public venues, etc. our minimum is 5 guests.

  • Our maximum is 25 per party (this may be negotiated in advance if plenty of notice is given).

Is there any other way of paying?

  • Yes, if you would like to book a painting party you simply pay the deposit and get in touch with Violet.  She will issue a link for tickets for each of your guests.  Your deposit will be refunded once all the tickets are paid for according to the group size booked.

  • Your guests then pay online for their ticket (which they will show you on entry). That way you won't have to fork out the entire amount and retrieve the cost from your guests - simple.

  • The painting party group number remains at the cost indicated on the website (even if your guest does not pay for their own ticket).

What if I book an event and the group number turns out to be less than the booking made?

  • Unfortunately, this can happen but due to the cost involved in supplying all the materials and time expended for organizing and the preparations for the paint party, there will be no refund.  Please refer to our Policy regarding cancellation and rescheduling.

How does the seating work?

  • Seating is on a first come, first served basis. If you want to sit close to your friends while you paint, you probably want to get to the venue early so you can secure your seats. 

  • Further, the class starts promptly at the start time, so we encourage guests to get to the event at least 15 minutes early to secure your seat, and settle in.

What should I wear?

  • We use water based, non-toxic acrylic paint for each session and while it is easily removed from your hands, once the paint is dry it is quite difficult to remove from clothing.

  • We provide aprons - however, it’s recommended that you wear clothing that you don’t mind getting paint on – just in case.

What about food or beverages?

  • We do not supply food and beverages - the host/venue oversees providing food and beverages for their guests.

  • The host decides what they want to do as far as preparing food, having guests bring appetizers, making it a BYO party etc.

What about taking photos?

  • Yes, we take photos. We usually do a big group shot in the middle and at the end of the painting session.

  • Any photos taken of your event will be posted on FB or Instagram, or Twitter within a week, and we encourage you to take photos and post them.

  • If for any reason, you do not wish a photo to be taken, or prefer not to be part of the group shot, we will respect your privacy.

How does the set up and clean-up work?

  • We will arrive at least 1 hour (longer for larger groups) beforehand to setup everyone’s painting stations and get the area ready for a paint party.  This will include disposable tablecloths to protect your tables.

  • The instruction will last 3 hours with a small break in the middle if your guests need it.

  • We will require at least a 1/2 hour to an hour or so to break down and clean up the party.

Do you paint in workplaces?

  • Yes, we can coordinate onsite corporate events in your conference room, cafeteria, or any other location in your office building.

  • We love painting in people's work environments because it gives all the employees a chance to unwind and de-stress and get to chill with workmates.

What about Restaurants or Bars?

  • Yes, we are a mobile social painting event business, so we pack up our supplies and travel everywhere!

  • Private rooms in Restaurants and Hotels can be an excellent venue for a paint party. If you have a restaurant or other option in mind and you organize the venue, we're available.  NB: we do not encourage or facilitate underage alcohol consumption.

How do Small Groups or Private Painting Parties work?

  • If you’re looking to have a night in where you chill with your friends and do something fun at home, the “At Home” Private Painting Party idea is a unique and fun experience where you can still get to be creative with your friends in a more intimate setting.

  • Organize your favourite appetizers and beverages and paint in a familiar environment where you and your friends can really let loose, be yourselves, and have fun!  We bring the supplies to you.

  • The advantage of an intimate Small Group is that you get to decide:

the date and time of your party

the painting you’d like to paint (chosen from the website)

what guests to invite

how you’d like to host your party

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

  • We do not give your information to any third parties.

  • Your information is only used during the payment process using PayPal (preferred) or Stripe credit card processing software over secure SSL encryption.

  • We do not have access to your personal information and our credit card processing companies keep that information strictly confidential.

Anything we've missed?

  • If you have any further questions or concerns about hosting a Painting Party, we are very happy to help.

  • Contact Violet 

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