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Soft Beards for Manly Men

While facial hair is not for everyone, the associated manliness and ruggedness beards often tend to exude makes it an option for many men. In my mind, beards are always in style.

Have you ever noticed that the hair on a man's face is a teensy bit more twisted and wirier compared to the hair on his head? The reason for this is genetics and the hair follicle shape.

Generally speaking, men have higher testosterone levels than women (obviously), and follicles on the face are much more sensitive to androgens like testosterone, which cause follicles to twist resulting in kinked facial hair. Further, hormonal changes that occur during puberty convert facial (and pubic) hair into a thicker, coarser, more pigmented hair (terminal hair).

Genetics play a big role in determining the texture, straightness (yes, some men actually have straight beards) and shape of your hair follicles. While there is nothing you can do to change your genetic foundation, you can look after your beard and skin so that you look your manly best. Yes, even the wiriest beard can be tamed (see below).

Growing Your Manly Facial Bush

Facial hair grows much faster than the hair on ones' head, so if you want to have a thicker, healthier, softer manly mane, you need to look after it well beginning with taking care of the skin under it.

In case you were not aware, your pores produce sebum (just like your scalp), that accumulates in your beard, which if not kept under wraps can result in a 'not so pleasant' scent, as well as irritating the skin underneath your gorgeous locks.

If you are sporting more than a little stubble or a '3-day growth' (thanks Jimmy Barnes), you really should use a facial wash (my artisan soap is skin-loving) to cleanse both your skin and facial hair.

***Don't use shampoo! See my posts on growing beautiful, long hair and washing your hair with clay - they're insightful and really do relate to all hair, including your beard.

How to Keep Your Beard Awesome

Keeping the moisture in your hair can make a huge difference in reducing the wiriness of your beard. The use of a quality beard oil straight from the shower can lock in the moisture your beard needs. Beard oil penetrates the hair shaft, making it softer and nicer to touch. The oil also makes it easier to trim and reduces static.

Here are a few other good reasons to use a quality beard oil.

  • Imparts a healthy shine – A well-conditioned beard has a healthy shine.

  • It makes combing and styling easier – having your beard sit well after it is brushed into place is achievable if you use a beard oil regularly.

  • It reduces irritation and dry skin – the regular use of a conditioning beard oil will leave the skin nourished, beardruff and irritation-free.

  • Beard oils usually have a great fragrance – a good beard oil will leave your beard smelling lovely and noticed by others!

My Fine Beardery Craft Beard Oil is chock-a-block full of exquisite skin loving oils including:

  • Argan

  • Jojoba

  • Apricot Kernel

  • Sweet Almond

  • Castor

  • Avocado

Regular use of a beard comb or brush will also keep your beard looking excellent and reduce any tangles. Combing helps your hair to lay flatter against the skin. There are plenty of 'beard' or 'moustache' comb options online. I have linked this here in case you are interested (I don't get kick-back for this - purely demonstrating options)

You might also like to check out the hair scalp massager in my post on beautiful hair (I have one of these) - they are awesome and will help your skin and beard to beam.

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on beards - I love them!


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