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Soap Craft ~ I think I can, I think I can...

I know, I know - what on earth am I doing placing a blog post on this subject when I haven't tried this since high school, where I can only remember three ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil and sodium hydroxide - yikes!

This blog is aptly named 'The Creative's Blog' and I can't help myself - I try just about every genre of art and craft to expand my craftiness and keep myself deeply satisfied and informed regarding creativity options.

I have been diligently researching this artform in the last couple of weeks and scouting for products to bring about the vision (links for product options will be added in the next post). I will bring you along with me as I get stuck into soap creating soon - stay tuned for my next post 'The Art of Soap'

Sooooooo... I am off to purchase some soap moulds and ingredients and will begin my excursion in 'soap craft' next week. Hooley dooley! I'm excited to the point of butterflies in the tum! STAY TUNED!


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