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Soap Care ~ make it last!

Handmade soap is often costly and worthy of taking a little effort to help make your investment last a little longer.

  • Keep your soap dry with a self-draining soap holder where the air can circulate around the bar

  • Apply the soap bar to a washcloth or loofa and use that to lather yourself.

  • Before use, store your soap in a cool, dry, preferably dark area. Avoid direct light, excessive heat, and humidity.

  • Store scented soap in a container, such as a carboard soap box.

  • Use your soap within three months of purchase

How to Make Soap Last Longer

Dry Soap Lasts Longer: When soap sits in water it will break down to a 'mushy' state. Using a good soap holder that keeps the soap elevated will help a great deal. If possible, use a self-draining soap rack that enables the water to drain freely.

Good Storage Preserves Soap

Glycerin is the cleaning agent in soap. It is natural and often substituted with artificial detergents in commercial soap due to the high value (cost) of glycerin.

The glycerin in handcrafted soap not only helps draw dirt from the pores of your skin, it also attracts moisture from the air which can often keep your soap more moist than desired.

There are a number of wooden soap containers on the market that can help keep your soap well drained as well as dry between use. Storing your soap in a container will also help keep the fragrance or essential oils from fading.


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