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Displaying Your Artisan Soap

Display options include soap band, soap tux, soap box, soap wrap.

The Soap Band

Since beginning soap making, I have morphed my labels and wrapping in a variety of ways.

My first endeavour was to do my soap label much like everyone else does. I spent hour upon hour designing my logo and then printing it onto great quality paper. Even more time was spent trying to get the size correct for my soap - ye gads!

I was very happy with the outcome and wanted a simple black and white theme for my brand - hence the Soap Band

Artisan Soap with a Soap Band

The Tux

My next option was to wrap my soaps in a cute little tuxedo before placing them in the soap band. I told myself that the grease proof tuxedo would keep the soap cleaner, free from dust etc., and it did. Like the soap band, I was quite happy with my decision to add the tux.

Artisan Soap with a Soap Tux and Soap Band

The Soap Box

This option came along after I was able to snag a couple of shops to display and sell my soaps and other Violet Grant Soapery products. I figured that they needed to look a little more professional as well as functional for the display option.

Ultimately, I designed 7 templates (available for purchase here) and chose the style below to suit my logo design. I print my templates onto quality card and cut them out with my Cameo cutting machine. They can easily be cut out with scissors or a cutting knife.

The Template

Soap Box Template

I love these as they keep the soap clean, allow the customer to actually see the soap better, as well as pick it up to smell the delicious scent without getting their paws all over the product. I use this sweet little box only for displaying the particular soap and have all the soaps pertaining to the display set behind the box. Which brings me to the final design for my soap - The Wrap

Artisan Soap displayed in a Soap Box

The Soap Wrap

As mentioned above, I like the idea of a clean look for my packaging and chose to roll with the black and white theme. I designed a variety of options through CANVA and finally landed on this one. I use a different wrap for each soap that emulates the product inside the wrap. I print two of each design onto quality paper and cut it with my Fiskars cutter.

Artisan Mademoiselle Soap in a Soap Wrap

I always firstly wrap each bar of soap with a strip of grease proof freezer paper and then wrap it in the beautiful wrap. I place a sticker with all the ingredients in the soap on the back once it is wrapped.

This keeps the soap scent beautifully and has a more professional appearance. It is easy for the customer to purchase as a gift - it's ready to give, and you know that only the maker has touched it!

Artisan Cacao Fig Soap in a Soap Wrap

Artisan Goats Milk & Lavender Soap in a Soap Wrap

How do you wrap your soaps? Whether you are Displaying Your Artisan Soap ~The Soap Band, The Tux, The Soap Box, The Soap Wrap or something completely different, I would love to hear from you or see your beautiful creations. Leave a comment and upload a picture for all to see!


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