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Quiet Time Prayer Journals for Women

Apart from making beautiful artisan soap, I have been quite a busy little bee lately and have created a couple of gorgeous designer Quiet Time Prayer Journals for Women.

Yep! That's right! I am also an Australian Christian author!

The creation of these beautiful journals has been a wonderful inspiration to me as I considered the most appropriate options to inspire women in their 'quiet times' with God.

These glorious journals are not only a great blessing to me but would also make a superb gift for the Christian woman who is looking to be inspired in their prayer life and walk of faith.

The Magnolia Journal

This gorgeous 225-page journal features a beautiful frame of luscious pink magnolias on the front cover and has these same stunning images throughout the journal.

Inside the Journals

While beautifully decorated the journals feature plenty of spaces and many Scriptural prompts to guide journaling. I have created each journal to reflect 52 weeks and have included weekly Reflection and Check Up sections to promote a fulfilled prayer life, as well as a Yearly Quiet Time Calendar to mark off so that you can see how you are doing.