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Make a Wax Seal with me

I love making wax seals as they can be the most beautiful way of decorating your journals or mixed media creations.

Join with me and get your creative juices flowing and learn how to make a wax seal with me ~ you will be totally addicted to this beautiful media, trust me!

A stunning seal with a touch of gold to highlight ~ perfect! This beautiful 3D Rose seal was made with the gorgeous wax seal stamp above. You don't have to have fancy wax seal stamps (you can even create your own).

Check out this video showing how here if you're interested in creating your own wax seal stamps.

Feel free to scroll through the video to get to the wax seal part. I demonstrate how I usually package some of my lovely vintage style journals, but there is a preamble before I reach the seal part. This is mostly due to the fact that I am waiting for the wax to melt to enable me to decorate a packaged journal.

Just in case you are not in the mood for finding the perfect wax seal stamp, the video below will give you creative spirits another avenue for decorative wax moldings (gets to the point more swiftly than the video above)

Check out these beautiful rose moldings created with wax ~ there are also other examples of seals and swags below

I use these in my journals and on many different vintage style pieces I create ~ they are so decorative and unique, and I hope you will give them a try.

See ~ You don't have to have a wax seal stamp to create beautiful wax decoration.

I used a small mold to create these gorgeous rose swags ~ you could use any other type of mold to achieve a beautiful outcome.

I would love to see what you create ~ send me a link and leave a comment below if you found this an interesting subject and tutorial on how to make a wax seal.


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