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Create a Flower Press

Occasionally I get a bit of a bee in my long-haired bonnet and want to make stuff that is cool and interesting. I had an idea that I would like to make a flower press - something specky. Soooo, I looked online to see what I could find by way of an interesting flower press - something that isn't quite the 'norm'. I initially thought of a wooden press, but they were all pretty much the same in essence.

I came across a pattern for a concertina type press and thought I'd give it a red-hot go! While it is not difficult to make, it took me at least half a day to make (mostly trying to figure out how to do the closure as I didn't go much for the original idea of a VELCRO (gagging right now) option. This is a 'NO SEW'.

As an artist and creator of interesting vintage style ephemera and journals etc. I have collected a number of belts with funky buckles to use as journal closures and came across this beauty below. The buckle on the belt was already themed to a 'floral' context, so it got the gig for this project. However, it took me around an hour to try to work out how to attach it for optimal effect in the flower pressing role. Time will tell how effective it will be as it has an elastic belt for a bit of 'give' (perhaps not ideal for adding pressure to flatten out the flowers). BUT it looks so pretty!

I am also a hoarder of interesting materials, papers, cardboard and all other tidbits related to vintage style journal creation, and of course I had all the other 'ingredients' for this baby ready to rock and roll without having to purchase them - AWESOME!!!

The Front Inside The Concertina