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Decorative Art

Furniture Art

Trompe L`oeil

Painted Pieces

Shoe Art

Gino Pucci Sling Back
Red & Cream Polkadot Pump2
Wildcat Sling-back
Pewter Pump
Red Velvet Pump
Velvet Designer Pump
Black Satin Sling-back
Red Satin Rose Stiletto
Purple Pump
Pink Wedge
Pink Sling-back
Pink Pump
Cream & White Scroll Pump
Orange Scroll Pump
Classic Red Court
Black Buckle Cut Away
Classic Pink Court
Black Velvet Designer Pump
Black Velvet Vintage Shoe
Black Suede Designer
Black Patent Ankle Boot
Black Patent Ballerina Flat
Black & Cream Polkadot
Big Cat Court
Black & Red Patent Pump
Black & Cream Gangster
Pewter Stiletto
Vintage Black Velvet
Hot Pink Pump
Cream Brocade Wedding
Designer Shoe Art
Black Velvet Pump on canvas

Journal Art

Shopping Bag Journal
Pink Water colour and Rose Journal
Mauve Water Colour & Rose Journal
Pink Water Colour Roses Journal
Water Colour Trio
Yellow Water Colour Rose Journal
Lavender Water Colour Journal
Closed Lavender Water Colour Journal
Rose and Glassine Journal
Hand painted Personal Journal
Vintage Style Journal
Lavender Lady Journal
Close up Lavender Lady Journal
Blue Fairy Journal
Purple Fairy Journal
Esmerelda Fairy Journal
Wallpaper Journal
Wallpaper & Lace Journal
Vintage Girl Journal
Vintage Woman Journal
Vintage Style Journal
Vintage Purple Velvet Journal
Vintage Doyley Journal
Vintage Doyley Journal 2
Glassine and Satin Rose Journal
Glassine Bag Journal
Glassine & Lace Journal
Apricot Rose & Glassine Bag Journal
Vintage Lace & Pearl Journal
Glassine Bag and Rose Journal
Christmas Journal
Forget Me Not Journal
Scripture Journal
Vintage Rose & Lace Journal
Flower Bunch Hardcover Journal
Wallpaper Roses Journal
Wallpaper Roses Journal 2
Vintage Wallpaper Journal
Vintage Cameo Journal
Violet Lady Journal
Glassine Bag & Satin Journal
Glassine Bag and Rose Journal
Hand Painted Woman Journal
Handpainted Sheba Journal
Handpainted Sheba Journal side closure
Handpainted Sheba Journal close up
Vintage Linen & Lace Journal
Vintage Linen Roses Journal
Modern Rustic Journal
Prayer Journal
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