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Soap and Labelling

When you intend to create and sell your soap, there are a number of things you need to consider, one being the labelling of your soap.

The Consumer Goods (Cosmetics) Information Standard 2020 requires that you must label the ingredients appropriately to enable the safety of all who purchase it. I have copied the information below to enable all Australian Soap Makers to get it right according to the legislation requirements.

You will notice that International Nomenclature Cosmetic ingredient names are not used in the label below, but the English ingredient names. This is appropriate and according to the standards listed below in section 2 of the Form of Ingredients List.

Part 2 of the Information Standard includes:

List of ingredients

(1) The ingredients in a cosmetic product must be listed:

(a) on the container; or

(b) if the product is not packed in a container—on the product in descending order by volume or mass.

(2) As an alternative to subsection (1), the ingredients may be listed in the following order:

(a) ingredients (except colour additives) in concentrations of 1% or more—in descending order by volume or mass

(b) ingredients (except colour additives) in concentrations of less than 1%—in any order

(c) colour additives—in any order.

(3) If subsection (1) or (2) cannot be complied with in relation to a container or a cosmetic product because of its:

(a) size; or

(b) shape; or

(c) nature

a list of the product’s ingredients must be shown in another way that ensures that a consumer can be informed about the ingredients in the product.

Form of ingredients list

  • A list of ingredients must be:

(a) prominently shown; and

(b) clearly legible

  • The names of the ingredients in the list must be either their English names or their International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient names.

  • There may also be a list of ingredients in another language.


  • A fragrance or fragrances in a cosmetic product must be shown in the list of the product’s ingredients by including in the list:

(a) the word “fragrance”, “fragrances”, “parfum” or “parfums”; or

(b) the ingredients in the fragrance or fragrances.

Incidental Ingredient

  • An incidental ingredient in a cosmetic product need not be included in the list of the product’s ingredients.

This may include ingredients such as toppings of flower petals to decorate the soap.

Soap Ingredients Label Template

If you would like to use this template, you will need to register for free on CANVA and use this link to re-work your own logo, ingredients and information. The size of the label (2.5 x 2 inches) fits perfectly on wrapped hand-crafted soap.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


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