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How does Mont Marte Crackle Paste work?

Many people have asked how Mont Marte Crackle Paste works, or claimed "I can't get this to work properly - HELP!" I've read quite a few posts about Mont Marte Crackle Paste and I hope that this post will give you confidence to rush out and buy it, or if you already own it, to make the most of it.

Using Crackle Paste

I have used this product quite often in many of my creative exploits and can trust it will faithfully present me with a brilliant outcome each time I use it.

Mont Marte Crackle Paste can be your 'go to' product to age the appearance of your acrylic or oil landscapes or add texture and effect to your furniture or craft creations, or anything you desire to present an overall antique look.

Mont Marte Crackle Paste is designed to develop cracks as it cures. The Paste is a thick, opaque cracking material which allows you to create texture and crackle effects on your artworks such as canvas, wood, and polymer clay.

This gorgeous medium can be applied to any surface, and I can attest its trustworthiness even when applied to surfaces such as furniture and other mixed media creations.

How Do You Use Crackle Paste

A little goes a long way but if you want small cracks, you simply apply it thinly - alternatively, if you want to achieve larger cracks, you apply a thicker amount to the surface.

The size and extent of the crackle pattern is dependent on many factors, including the thickness of application, and the environmental conditions (temperature, relative humidity and air flow) during drying.

The wonderful thing is you can paint over it with oil or acrylic paints and although it dries quite quickly, it is fully cured in around 24 hours.

Tip: For best results, apply crackle paste to a smooth surface. The medium can be tinted once dry, however this can also affect the level of cracks once dry, so it’s best to build up the surface before painting.

The surface in these pictures has been created using Mont Marte Crackle Paste.

I painted over each surface with a wash of color once it was dry.

The only downside to this product is the huge gap between the cost!

I would love to see how you use your Mont Marte Crackle Paste, so why not leave a comment and share one of your creations with me.

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