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Create Great Social Media Posts

I recently came across a tool to enable you to create great (eye catching) Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook posts and thought it is worthy of sharing here with you.

You may already have this down pat, but for those of us who need all the help we can get, read on!

It's no secret that there are many tools out there in internet land for this purpose, but I have found it so easy to use Canva (free version available) to create posts in my own personal style, using my own pictures for promoting my website and shop.

You will first need to create your free account with Canva.

Check out the links to product options below to assist you with your photography, videos and social media posts

Journal Cards for Instagram Post

I have also since learned that I need to place my website on the pic instead of my Instagram handle as in the pic above. You live and learn...hahahaha

Carousel Template

The Instagram Carousel template was used to create this strip of pictures. If you go to the link you will be able to choose a template that when opened, will enable you to edit it to your own personal style.

I used the blank template to create my design above. If you would like to use a copy of my strips, place a comment below or email me for the link. Obviously, you will place your own pictures in the template.

It enables you to have 5 pieces that when using another tool (information below) will enable you to have 5 separate pictures for your one Instagram post. Check out my post here to see what it looks like on Instagram.

YouTube Tutorial Post on Instagram

This is the front picture for the post and the two strips below include the post pictures

This is the first strip for the Instagram post

The second strip for the Instagram post - I didn't use the last section (my choice only - you can use all the sections to enable 10 pictures for the post.

Downloading your Designs

When you create a design strip you will need to download them by:

  1. going to the top right-hand section of the page and click on the SHARE button

  2. click on the DOWNLOAD part and you will see a SUGGESTED file.

  3. DO NOT share them to social media at this stage.

  4. click on the DOWNLOAD - this will automatically download your strip to your 'download' folder.

You will also see any of your created designs added to your home section in Canva - you can then simply copy the design and change all the features and pictures to your heart's desire.

Creating Separate Pictures

I have found a wonderful tool that will split your strips to enable 5 separate pictures for your posts.

The Tool is: PINETOOLS Split Image Online - Check this out!

To split your carousel, you will need to:

  1. Upload your file - click on the CHOOSE FILE section

  2. change the Quantity of Blocks to 5

  3. on the right-hand side of the page in the 'how to split image' section, click HORIZONTALLY

  4. click on the green SPLIT IMAGE button at the bottom of the page

  5. choose how you would like it to download to your computer (Zip file or separate files)

  6. Voila! You should now have 5 separate pictures ready in your download folder for Instagram posts (or 10 if you copy the template design and put them both through the split tool)

Great Size Pictures - ready for posting!

Let me know if this has been a helpful post for you in the comments below and feel free to share it with others.


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