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Tis the Season!

Hosting a Christmas painting party can be a delightful and festive experience.

This event combines the joy of holiday celebrations with the creativity of painting, making it an ideal activity for friends, families, or even corporate gatherings. Under the expert guidance of Violet Grant, an experienced and enthusiastic art instructor, attendees can explore their artistic talents while creating beautiful holiday-themed artworks.

Participants are provided with all necessary painting supplies, including canvases, brushes, and paint. The ambiance recommendation is to set the venue with Christmas decorations, cheerful holiday music, and perhaps some warm beverages like hot cocoa or mulled wine to keep the festive spirit alive.  The setup for the party should be both simple and inviting.


Violet leads the group through a step-by-step process, ensuring that even beginners can produce a piece they are proud of - whether a Christmas design or any of the other great designs, you will be delighted with your outcome.  Your painting will make the perfect Christmas gift!

The Christmas painting party is not just about creating art; it’s also about building connections and making memories. As participants paint, they can chat, laugh, and share stories, fostering a sense of community and togetherness. The event culminates in a showcase where everyone can admire each other's work and take home their masterpieces as keepsakes of a joyful and creative experience.


Whether it’s for a special occasion or just to spread some holiday cheer, a Christmas painting party with Violet Grant is a wonderful way to celebrate the season.

Choose a design from our Canvas Selection, pay your deposit and pick a date and time for your Painting Party.

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